Sage is one of the most used aromatic plants in the kitchen; it is an evergreen shrub, well resistant to heat and cold. It is planted in a sunny place, sheltered from the wind, in a good well-worked soil; young plants need watering in the first months after planting, especially during the summer and in periods of particular drought. Let's avoid watering excessively, but let's moisten the soil when it stays dry for a few days. Sage can easily withstand the summer heat, although it may need more watering in the event of high temperatures and sultry weather. It also tolerates cold without problems; particularly harsh winters can ruin the foreign vegetation: at the end of winter we prune the damaged branch and remove the dry leaves, the plants will quickly regenerate, giving rise to a dense and compact bush. With time they can form very large shrubs, we can achieve their development by pruning the flat surface immediately after flowering; in this way we will favor the development of new large and perfumed leaves.