Rosemary is a typical Mediterranean aromatic herb, which is also developed in Italy naturally. It is a small-medium sized shrub, which can reach 120-150 cm in height. It is planted in sunny positions, possibly sheltered from the cold winter wind, with a good, very well drained soil. Watering is necessary at the time of implantation, then it is practiced only if the soil remains dry for a long time. Over the years the rosemary bushes tend to develop mainly in height, emptying themselves of leaves and branches in the lower part of the stems; for this reason, after flowering every year, the whole shrub is cut by shortening each branch by a few centimeters, to favor the development of the branches also in the lower part, and thus giving the shrub a roundish habit. Rosemary is also grown successfully in pots, making sure not to leave the soil completely dry for a long time.