The daffodils

The daffodils:

Daffodils are bulbs also naturally spread in nature in Europe; they have been cultivated for centuries, and we can find hundreds of hybrids and cultivars on the market, with the most varied flowers. They are bulbous suitable for the wild: they can be buried directly in the sunny flowerbeds of the garden, leaving them for the whole year, without fearing the frost. Over the years the bulbs will produce new bulbils, increasing the daffodil stain, with more and more flowers from year to year. They settle in a good soft and fresh soil, enriched with a little manure and well worked, to immediately see the final effect of the flowerbed we can also place daffodil dwellings already in bloom, taking care not to manipulate the bread too much earth around the bulbs; take them from the jar and place them in the ground at the same depth to which they were kept in pots; slightly compact the soil around the foliage and water. To have a beautiful flowerbed that has always bloomed over the years, remember not to place too many narcissus plants nearby, so that each bulb can find enough space to develop. When the foliage dries at the end of flowering, we can cut it at the base and forget about the daffodils until the following year.