Prepare the soil for the flower pots

Prepare the soil for flower pots:

It is always pleasant to have colorful flower vases on the terrace, which will cheer us up every day. Most herbaceous flowering plants are cultivated without difficulty on the terrace, provided you follow a few simple rules. First of all, remember to choose small, but not too small, vases; on the terrace we will not be able to place huge vases, but excessively small vases require very assiduous care, since the soil they contain is very little, and will tend to dry up in a few hours during the summer months, causing not a few problems to the plants grown in it. So we choose medium-sized vessels, and we combine each plant with a plant that is contained in it without problems, considering also that as the weeks go by our plants will tend to grow. Once the pots are chosen, we prepare a suitable compound; We always buy good quality soil, since our plants will only have that available in the pot. To improve drainage we mix a small amount of sand and pumice stone with universal soil, which will allow water and air to circulate better inside the pot. To the substratum we also mix granular slow release fertilizer, generally a spoon is sufficient for a 25 cm diameter pot; this fertilizer will melt at every watering, guaranteeing a constant content of mineral salts in the substrate. So we bury the plants we have chosen, remembering not to over-stack them: if we keep our plants about 25-35 cm apart from each other they will have enough space to develop over the weeks. We also remember to place plants of the same type in the same pot, or have similar cultivation needs: we avoid the grossest mistakes, such as a succulent plant with an acidophilus plant, or a plant that loves the sun with one that fears it.