Transplant a shrub in the garden

To transplant a shrub in the garden:

To move a small or medium-sized shrub in the garden it is important to maintain a good part of the root system, so that the plant can immediately begin to develop again after being moved. Before moving it we prune the shrub, shortening all the branches by at least a third or a half; in this way we limit the evaporation of water through the foliage. Then we practice an incision in the ground with the spade, around the shrub, which has a diameter at least equal to the diameter of our shrub before it was pruned. The incision must be about half of its diameter deep. Then we begin to dig outside the incision, so as to reveal to the eye the bread of roots below the shrub; once we have dug a ring around the bread of roots we try to continue to detach it from the surrounding soil, they begin to dig even horizontally, so as to proceed towards the earth that is below the stem of the plant. Once exposed to the air all the bread of roots below the plant we prepare a sufficiently deep hole in the place where we want to move it. We place the shrub in the new area and we tuck the root bread with fresh and rich soil, with which we will fill the hole; with the feet we press the new ground around the shrub. Let us remember that the larger the earthen bread that we will be able to move together with the bush, the higher the probability that the plant will survive the displacement. After positioning the plant as a dwelling we water abundantly.