The red radicchio

The red radicchio:

The radicchio is a clumpy vegetable, which is preferably cultivated starting from the autumn, because the cold improves its taste, consistency and color. It starts from a well worked, fertilized and lightened flowerbed, and from small radicchio plants previously sown. In the field small plants are planted keeping them at a distance of at least 35-45 cm from each other. The radicchio is a perennial plant, if we remove a head at ground level, within a few weeks the root will produce a second head. As soon as the head has reached a good size, proceed to approach the tufts of the earth, so that they remain almost completely buried; this practice, which can be carried out even after having already removed the tufts from the field, favors the development of bright and intense red coloring. If we have planted a small number of radicchio heads we can also simply cover them with an earthenware pot, which will also act as a shelter from the cold in areas with a very harsh winter climate.