Snow Ballet


Creeping and ever-flowering red rose that finds its best use both in slopes and rocky terrain, stony grounds and any other use in gardens. Pure white color. Height 0,30 / 0,40 m. Width 1.50 / 2.00 m

How to treat snow ballets

Like all ground cover roses, the snow ballet needs some essential interventions to grow correctly. The first intervention not to be missed is certainly pruning. In upholstering roses it is essential to prune the roses annually to contain the growth of roses, to keep the different specimens in order and to re-stimulate their growth every year.
Pruning is intended as an intervention to shorten the branches over the entire surface of the rose, aimed at reducing the number of disordered branches and shortening those that have grown excessively.
Pruning should be done at the end of winter before the plant starts the vegetation in an active way. The cut will stimulate the plant to grow and produce new shoots and will also help the plant to achieve a beautiful flowering.

Where to place the pink Snow Ballet

The snow ballet is a rose that grows well in different conditions but the ideal place for this species are the bright garden areas with direct sun. So place the roses in an airy area of ​​your garden, but remember, in areas of partial shade this rose will not suffer much, it will simply give less flowers than its sister grown in full sun.
The correct number of roses of this type is 4-5 specimens per square meter. The most frequent use of the Snow-Ballet is as a ground cover rose but since it can reach 50-60 centimeters in height, this species can also be used as a small bush. If used as a bush, the Snow Ballet should be positioned with a slightly lower density, of about 3 plants per hectare.

The flowers of the Snow Ballet

The Snow Ballet is a very beautiful rose that produces white flowers rich in petals. The flowering is continuous and the pure white color of these flowers is undoubtedly something that greatly enriches the garden from an ornamental point of view. The double corolla of this flower makes it even richer but it is always a cespitose that is not used as a cut.

Snow Ballet: How to plant the Snow Ballet

After buying the Snow Ballet rose in the nursery or on the internet, you will need to know exactly how to place this rose in your garden. First you need to think about the hole, which must be large enough for the rose's earthen bread. Then open a larger hole in the vase and spread a layer of excellent soil on the bottom. The soil to be used must have a good texture and therefore with a fair percentage of inert material such as medioperlite or pumice stone.
It must also have a good percentage of peat and organic material to ensure a correct supply of macro and micronutrients to the plant in the early stages following the planting. After the first period, it will be the ground in which you will position your Snow Ballet which will make the difference in the growth and development of this plant.