Tapis Rouge


The tapis rouge is a beautiful ground cover with red flowers and decorated stamens. It is a species that is particularly loved for its beauty and its multiple uses: it is in fact possible to use it to create gardens for amateurs, escarpments, rocks, etc. It spreads over 0.80 m. It is a very re-flowering variety.

Tapis Rouge: Ground covering roses

The tapis rouge is a ground cover rose. This variety, like all species belonging to the genus of ground cover, is particularly suitable for covering quite extensive extensions of land and to develop horizontally creating an impressive garden. The rose gardens that form the tapis rouge appear lush and rich in small flowers similar to those of floribunde roses but slightly smaller. The leaves are usually shiny, dark and have serrated edges. These are varieties that do not manage to exceed 40 cm in height; they are very resistant and are often used to decorate and beautify urban centers. Their simplicity of cultivation makes the ground cover the most suitable type of roses to cultivate even for the less experienced of gardening who wish to obtain a beautiful green space to live.