Grow flat palms

Grow palms from apartment:

Although palms and palms grow outdoors in nature, some tropical palms are very suitable for cultivation in apartments; we remember that all the palms develop long leaves, called fronds, that can reach conspicuous dimensions: it is therefore necessary to have a large space available for our palm, to avoid that the cultivation in a narrow area ruins the fronds and the whole plant. These plants are native to tropical climates, they are therefore perfectly adapted for development in places with fairly constant temperatures, between 15 and 25 ° C, with high humidity. To obtain a well-developed palm in an apartment we will therefore have to place it in a warm area of ​​the house, where it is not subject to temperature changes or blows of air. Let's cultivate our palm in a fairly large container, and water the soil, when it is dry, providing a good amount of water, avoiding to leave stagnations in the saucer. To increase the environmental humidity we periodically vaporize the foliage, using a nebulizer with a very fine spray, filled with demineralized water, to avoid staining the foliage with limestone residues; then we keep the leaves clean, dusting them at least once a month with a soft slightly damp microfibre cloth. With the arrival of spring if possible place our palm outdoors, in a bright and partially shaded place; a fly placed the palm outdoors, refresh it and clean it with the help of the garden hose, or even with the spray of the shower at home.