Aspirin Rose


It is a registered trademark of Bayer AG Germany on the centenary of the birth of ASPIRINA. White, with a noble shape of considerable fullness, these are the most important characteristics of the flower of this wonderful variety. Bright green foliage, very vigorous growth, insensitive to fungal diseases.
Uninterrupted flowering, self-cleaning. Fragrant and robust, resistant to rain, valid for any climate and temperature, very resistant to urban and metropolitan conditions. It is a variety suitable for all uses, especially for plantations covering public parks, flowerbeds, gardens and large flower boxes.

Aspirin Rose: Features

Aspirin rose belongs to the family of ground cover roses. It is in fact a particularly suitable variety for covering large areas of land, for low borders, low walls and for creating gardens of considerable visual impact. This variety of rose reaches a maximum height of 90 cm and a width of 60 cm. It can be cultivated quietly even in pots thanks to its resistance and the need for limited care, just like the other species belonging to the ground covering genus.