Rose D'Annecy


Ground cover with abundant and continuous flowering. The flowers of the Rose d'Annecy are cup-shaped and open in a pure pink color with yellow stamens in evidence. Very vigorous plant with exceptional resistance to diseases.
Height 0.40 / 0.60 m.- Width 0.80 / 1.00 m.

Rose D'Annecy: Cultivation

Ground cover plants are often the ideal solution to give the garden a touch of extra color. They are species particularly suitable for covering large areas of land, they grow luxuriantly and do not require special care and attention. The Rose d'Annecy, as well as the other ground cover varieties, is particularly resistant to diseases and pests and therefore represents a valid option for those who have a green space to embellish with plants and flowers to taste. As far as cultivation is concerned, it will suffice to regularly water the roses (to avoid water stagnation), while for pruning, it must be carried out to allow the plant to continue to grow and flourish in abundance and to maintain a defined shape of the rose garden over time .