Rosa Wimi


The Wimi variety has very large, two-colored flowers: silvery pink at the base of the petals and very bright fuchsia. The intense dominant perfume and its continuous flowering complete the beauty of this variety. It is a particular rose that can reach 120 cm in height and which can decorate gardens in the best way, thanks to the pleasantness of the flowers and the intense fragrance.
It is a re-flowering variety that persists with flowering throughout the summer.
If the area in which it is grown is very cold, it may be necessary to provide protection during the winter season.

Rosa Wimi: Rose cultivation

The Wimi variety belongs to the family of tea hybrids, roses much appreciated especially for the beauty of their flowers, usually quite large, and for the duration of flowering, which makes them perfect for gardens and terraces. Tea hybrids are born from cross-breeding of European roses with varieties from China, with the creation of numerous variants of great beauty. To best maintain hybrid tea rose plants, it is good to place the specimens in sunny spaces, where the light is abundant and where they can receive a few hours of direct sunlight, so as to have better development.
The ideal soil for rose cultivation is rich in organic substances, soft, slightly acid and well drained, to avoid the formation of water stagnation.
At the end of winter, it is good to proceed with pruning operations that allow the height of the roses to be adjusted and the damaged parts to be eliminated.