Rosa Mirato


Beautiful ground cover rose that fills with pink-fuchsia flowers in spring and has a bushy habit. The Mirato rose is a variety that can be cultivated with ease and that allows to set up borders or flowerbeds of great charm, thanks to the fact that it is a re-flowering variety until the external temperatures are not too rigid. Its flowers usually develop in bunches and the foliage is dark green. These roses form bushes that reach about 70 cm. It is a self-cleaning variety, therefore very easy to grow and maintain, without the need for heavy intervention.

Rosa Mirato: Cultivate the Mirato rose

This variety of roses belongs to the family of ground cover roses, bushes of modest height that are perfect for decorating flower beds and borders of parks and gardens. The main characteristic of this type of roses is certainly given by their rusticity, which makes them suitable for cultivation even in rather difficult areas, without the need to intervene with maintenance operations. They are also often used along roads due to their ease of adaptation.
These roses can usually begin to flower as early as March, to continue, with some varieties, until the winter season. The only important point to remember for their cultivation is to always supply an adequate amount of water, avoiding leaving the soil dry for too long; in this way you can enjoy the beauty of their flowers for a long time.