A driveway in the garden

With the materials available today it is not so difficult to prepare a driveway in the garden; the simplest type of driveway to prepare in our land is certainly the one with the stones drowned directly in the ground, which does not require large masonry works.

Preliminary operations

First of all it is good to decide what the path of the path will be, delimiting it on the ground with the help of stakes and wire: we plant the stakes on the ground and with the wire we describe on the ground the external perimeter of the path.
Before placing the driveway at random we choose the best layout, first of all that it touches all the areas we want to reach in the garden, and also that it passes near the front door or the door to the garden. If possible we avoid cutting the plot with the driveway, especially if it is a small extension: small plots are very useful to keep the view wide, without interruptions, because it gives us the illusion of a bigger and deeper garden.
Before starting work, then let us provide ourselves with the necessary tools; first of all stakes and wire, which as we said before we will need to delimit the driveway; then we prepare a hoe to move the soil, a spade to cut it and a shovel to remove the soil from the furrow. A tape measure and a hammer can also be useful, or another tool suitable for making the stones fit better into the ground.
If the soil of our garden is very compact we can simply place the stones that will make up the path in the ground; if instead we have to prepare the path in a soft and friable ground, or we want to prepare stronger and more compact foundations, it will be necessary to dig deeper furrows at the bottom of which put a thick layer of sand, which will allow a better positioning of the stones.

The materials

There are many materials that are very suitable for creating a path in the garden; one of the most used is the tuff, very versatile and light, it also offers the advantage of being colonized by moss lichens, so with the passage of time the bricks immersed in the ground will tend to look very old and natural, almost getting lost in the lawn, very pleasantly.
Other materials, on the other hand, tend to remain much more differentiated from the turf, they are all the different stones, granites, marbles; they are sometimes expensive, but very durable and decorative materials; we try to choose a material in line with the rest of the garden: if we already have, for example, flowerbeds prepared with tuff bricks, a tuff path would be ideal.
On the market there are also paths in recycled plastic; they are very solid and can easily be cleaned, for a very special effect in the garden.

Driveway: How to proceed

After deciding where our driveway will pass, we proceed by digging small pits, slightly larger than the size of the stones we have chosen; we can place sand inside these pits, or place the stones directly on the ground. As far as possible we put the stones at a level just above the lawn and remember to check that they are well straight, without excessive slopes: we can help you with this using a level. After placing the stone we put sand or soil, to make sure that the steps of our path are best fixed to the ground.