Grove Bonsai styles

Grove Bonsai Styles: Grove(Yose-ue)

The grove style involves placing more than one plant in a single pot. These are almost always plants of the same species that want to reproduce a forest or a group of trees.
The location of the plants is of fundamental importance. Tendentially the larger plants must be placed near the observer, while the smaller ones will be placed towards the outside of the vase or behind, to give the idea of ​​depth.
The most commonly used plants are birch, beech, zelkova serrata and generally all broad-leaved trees, although conifers can also adapt well. The most suitable materials for starting a tree in this style are cuttings, seeds or layering, or young nursery specimens.
Contrary to what one might think it is a rather difficult style to achieve, because it requires a considerable aesthetic sense and some experience in placing young plants. It can, however, give excellent results in a short time, as it is more the shape of the whole than that of every single tree that determines the result.