Cascade Bonsai Styles

Cascade Bonsai Styles: Cascade and semicascade(kengai and han-kehngai)

The waterfall style represents a plant that has grown in very particular and difficult conditions (cliffs, steep walls, etc.). In this style the trunk extends downwards and has a straight trunk and branches that grow horizontally or downwards.
Plants such as juniper and pine lend themselves well to this style, but cotoneasters and azaleas are also suitable. In our woods you can also find excellent specimens of larch that have natural characteristics that are very suitable for this style.
The main branch descends along the edge of the vase until it extends below it. However in the variant called gaito-kengai a trunk is carried upwards and a branch forms the waterfall. It is therefore necessary to use taller vases than traditional ones and small tables. The term kengai refers to those trees whose apex falls downwards from the edge of the vase. With han-kengai, those whose apex does not exceed the level of the vase while descending. With ito-kengai those in which more than one branch forms the waterfall.