Bonsai styles Windswept

Bonsai styles Windswept: Windswept(Fukinagashi)

The formal upright style has a straight or sloping trunk and branches that grow in one direction only. It tends to represent trees that grow in conditions of constant wind that blows from one side only.
Examples in nature are also very frequent. In the photograph to the side, it can be observed that this larch plant has branches facing in one direction only because of the strong wind that blows in that direction. It is quite easy to find this type of growth also on coastal or coastal areas.
It is a style suitable for both coniferous and deciduous trees. The most suitable materials for starting a tree in this style are those plants that have branches on only one part of the trunk.
The root system is also very important and must be well developed and robust in order to give the sensation that the plant is firmly anchored to the ground.