Murraia - Murraya paniculata


evergreen plant native to Asia, with light brown bark, silky to the touch. In summer it produces very fragrant white flowers, followed by yellow-red, oblong fruits, reminiscent of small oranges.


it can be pruned all year round, avoiding removing the branches with floral buds in spring. Trim the buds when they have produced 4-5 pairs of leaves, leaving 2-3 pairs. The wire can be applied throughout the year, however it is advisable to apply it in spring and summer.

Display and watering

Exhibition: the murraia likes very bright positions, in winter it must be sheltered in rooms with temperatures between 12 and 20 ° C; in summer you can take it outside, positioning it in half-shade, or in the sun, repairing the vase and the roots.
Watering: it is advisable to keep the soil always moist, supplying water very often, but in small quantities, to avoid water stagnation. There murraia he loves the humid environment very much, so it is advisable to spray the leaves with distilled water. Add fertilizer all year round to the irrigation water, every 7-10 days.

Murraia - Murraya paniculata: Other tips

Soil: likes a compound made up of peat, sand and clay in equal parts. Repot every 2-3 years, in spring, before flowering.
Multiplication: it multiplies by cuttings, keeping the cuttings in a humid and sheltered place throughout the winter, in a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts, at a constant temperature of around 25 ° C.
Pests and diseases: if it is watered too much it can be affected by root rot. It is often attacked by aphids and scale insects.