Snowdrop: General information

It is called "morning star" because it is
one of the first flowers to emerge from the earth after winter. The Christian tradition associates the snowdrop with candelora,
February 2, the day of purification
of the Madonna. Furthermore a legend tells that Eve and Adam, once driven out of the Earthly Paradise, were transported to a cold, dark place and
where it was always winter. Eva was soon taken by despair and regret, she did not accept the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in those conditions; an angel had compassion for her, they say, who took
a fistful of snowflakes, he blew in it and ordered them to turn into buds once they hit the ground. At the sight of the snowdrops, Eva took strength and became animated.
Snowdrops are the symbol of life and hope.