Cinnamon - Cynnamomum zeylanicum


Cinnamon is a spice widely used in cooking, especially in the preparation of desserts; few know that it is a medicinal plant, with many properties.
Cinnamon derives from medium-sized evergreen trees, from which the small branches are taken, and the bark of the stem; after treatment these woody parts appear as thin splints of fragile wood, which crumbles easily, very aromatic. The thin canes thus obtained are cut into small pieces and preserve aromatic essential oils for years if kept in tightly sealed or vacuum-sealed jars. Often cinnamon is sold ground, but in this way it quickly loses the essential oils it contains.

Cinnamon - Cynnamomum zeylanicum: What it is used for

In ancient times cinnamon was used in cases of colds or winter coughs; in fact it has very strong antibacterial properties, which combined with the decidedly pleasant taste make it an excellent ingredient for syrups and mouthwashes. In addition to this, cinnamon is useful for lowering cholesterol, against hypertension and for improving digestion. The essential oils contained in the bark are generally used in this plant, but some also use the foliage for decoctions and herbal teas.