Cloves - Eugenia caryophyllata


Cloves are a spice; these are the dried buds of a tropical plant, and not from carnations; the plant that gives us the cloves is called Eugenia caryophyllata, also known as Sizygium aromaticus; it is a medium-sized shrub, native to tropical Asia, where in spring it produces many panicle inflorescences, consisting of small red funnel flowers. To obtain the cloves the buds of Eugenia are taken, and they are dried. These plants are now also cultivated in Africa, where cultivation was introduced centuries ago, when the use of cloves as spices was introduced in the West.

Cloves - Eugenia caryophyllata: Use of cloves

This spice has an intense and spicy aroma, it was once used for storing meat and for flavoring sweet and savory pitti and also wine. Today cloves are used in many traditional dishes, from the bread of the dead Lombardo, to stews; in many regions cloves are used piercing them in the onion which is then cooked in meat or vegetable broths; this expedient is also used when one intends to use cloves in stews or in the prolonged cooking of legumes. Rarely they are used shredded, more often they are used whole, and then removed, this is because a single bud gives off a very intense and spicy aroma, so that it can be disgusting.