Strawberry - Fragaria


Strawberry belongs to the genus Fragaria, to which about twenty varieties belong, selected for the production of particularly large or perfumed strawberries; it is considered a fruit, even if it is the receptacle of the enlarged flower, the real fruits of the fragaria are the small yellow seeds, which we find outside the strawberry.
The cultivation of these small perennials is quite simple, provided you find a fairly cool place, free of weeds and not excessively sunny; the strawberries ripen from late spring until the summer, there are also varieties with particularly early or late ripening, in order to satisfy the greedy ones for a longer period. They are cultivated easily even in greenhouses, and can be forced to bloom and bear fruit, so as to obtain ripe strawberries even in the middle of winter.
The small ground cover plants develop producing creeping stolons, which constantly give rise to new specimens, which can be detached from the mother plant to be grown separately.

Strawberry - Fragaria: Use in the kitchen

The use of this false fruit in the kitchen has been taking place for centuries, the taste and scent of strawberries is known to all; they are eaten raw, just as they are, just picked, or enriched with sugar and lemon in sumptuous fruit salads, or preserved frozen or in compotes and jams.
Generally strawberries are associated with sweets, so they are used to prepare fruit cups with cream, cakes, farce, and so on.
In reality the sweet acidulous taste of strawberries is also well suited to consumption in combination with the salty taste; in the 80s it was very fashionable to prepare strawberry risotto, using these fruits as if they were vegetables, then adding the chopped strawberries to the sautéed onion.
Who had never tasted a strawberry risotto could possibly turn up his nose, but instead this preparation is definitely very pleasant and tasty, also because the scent of strawberries does not succumb to the heat of cooking, and therefore the risotto will be tasty and fragrant, try for to believe.