Property burdock - Arctium lappa


Burdock is a medicinal plant used since ancient times, widespread in the wild throughout Europe and Asia; the roots are mainly used, but also the leaves, fresh or dried. the active ingredients contained in it are exploited mainly by preparing decoctions of roots or leaves, to drink or to apply to the skin; in herbal medicine we can also find the mother tincture of burdock, which can be used diluted in cosmetic creams.

Property burdock - Arctium lappa: Property of the burdock

Burdock has always been exploited for its purifying and stimulating properties of the hepatobiliary system; once it was also used as an antibacterial, in cases of gastric problems, ulcers or arthritis.
Today in herbal medicine the burdock is mainly used against problems of oily skin, acne or furunculosis; in fact we can find burdock-based creams, tonics and detergents on the market.
Not recommended for use during lactation and during pregnancy.