Chili pepper - Capsicum

Chili pepper - Capsicum

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Chilli is a perennial plant, but cultivated as an annual; there are various species of chilli, with fruits of different shapes or colors, but which also have different degrees of hotness. It is precisely because of the characteristic spicy taste that the peppers are used in the diet; over the centuries, numerous varieties of chilli pepper have been introduced, from the Tabasco to the habanero, from the Pimento to the chiltepin; in many kitchens the chili pepper finds its place in many dishes.

Chilli: Use in the kitchen

Chilli is used in the kitchen in various ways; the simplest and most common is the use of fresh fruit, cut into rounds, to be added to the dishes. The active ingredient that causes the hotness of the chili pepper is an alkaloid, called capsacin, present in different amounts in the different peppers; in minimal doses it activates the blood circulation, in massive doses it can cause burns, it is therefore good to use the chili pepper with some caution: few fruits do not give any problem, but the preparation of large amounts of peppers must be done with gloves or other barriers, to avoid to come into contact with excessive doses of capsacin.
The chili pepper is then used fresh, but very often it is also preserved by drying, so it is used chopped or powdered; it also has antibacterial effects on foods.
The most spicy part of the chili is the upper part of the fruit and the internal placenta, which must therefore be removed if it is intended to reduce its spicy effect.


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