Primula - Primula officinalis


Name: Primula officinalis Hill.
Harvest: Autumn roots, flowers and leaves between March and May.
Properties: The roots: calming, laxative, sudorific, expectorant and diuretic; the flowers: sedative and sudorific; leaves. Hemostatic.
Family: Primulaceae.
Common names: Ear of yellow bear, primrose, Sicilian conterba, flower of ciuco.

Primula - Primula officinalis: Properties

Habitat: In the meadows of northern-central Italy up to 2000 meters high.
Parts used: Roots, leaves and flowers.
Conservation: The leaves and roots must be used fresh, the roots are dried in the sun or in the oven and preserved in glass jars.
Use: Internal use: decoction and infusion of all parts of the plant; external use: decoction of the roots against bruises and decoction of the flowers as antirheumatic.
Notes: Recipe for primrose jam: remove 100 grams of petals, washed and well dried. Crush them in a mortar until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Melt 300 gr. of sugar on a low flame and mix the flower mixture. Heat for a few moments on the fire and then leave to cool. Repeat this operation several times, stirring with a wooden spoon, until the mixture is homogeneous. Put the jam still to warm.