Nasturtium, Tropeolo - Tropeolum majus


Name: Tropaeolum majus L.
Harvest: Leaves in April, buds in May.
Properties: Expectorant, tonic, antispasmidic, bechico.
Family: Tropeolaceae.
Common names: Indian cress, Capuchin, gardens tape.
Habitat: It does not grow spontaneously in Italy.

Nasturzio, Tropeolo - Tropeolum majus: Property

Habitat: It does not grow spontaneously in Italy.
Parts used: Leaves and buds.
Conservation: The buds are harvested and then preserved in vinegar; the leaves must be dried in the shade and then stored in glass jars.
Use: Internal use: decoctions and leaf infusions; sternum use: decoction of the leaves to fight the chilblains.
Notes: Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and with a rather sweet aroma; in popular tradition they were used to stimulate the appetite and facilitate digestion.