Plantain - herbaceous Plantago


Name: Plantago herbaceous L.
Harvest: The roots are harvested throughout the year, the leaves and seeds from May to September.
Properties: Astringent, depurative, soothing, diuretic, anti-catarrhal.
Family: Plantaginaceae.
Common names: Seven nerve grass, ricce de gevaro, tongue of dog, orecchiella, centon yours.
Habitat: It grows in meadows and along roadsides up to 1800 meters high.
Parts used: Roots, leaves and seeds.

Plantain - Plantago herbaceous: Properties

Conservation: The roots must be dried in the sun and then stored in tightly closed jars, the leaves are used fresh.
Use: Internal use: decoctions and infusions of leaves and seeds. Internal use: application of fresh leaves against insect bites, washing and rinsing against skin irritations.
Notes: The leaves of this plant can be used in the preparation of soups and once boiled they can be combined with salads.