Pilosella - Hieracium pilosella


Name: Hieracium pilosella L.
Harvest: From April to September.
Properties: Purifying, aperitif, diuretic, anti-inflammatory.
Family: Composite.
Common names: Mouse ear, milnara herb, pulsella, cat's tongue.
Habitat: In the woods up to 1500 meters high.

Pilosella - Hieracium pilosella: Properties

Parts used: The aerial parts.
Storage: Although it is possible to keep it in cloth bags once it is dried out of the sun, it is preferable to use it fresh, since, in this way, it keeps its properties intact.
Use: Infusions of the aerial parts for both internal and external use; decoctions for the preparation of disinfectant baths and for wraps.
Notes: The leaves of this plant can be consumed, if still picked young, boiled and seasoned with oil and vinegar.