Butterbur - Petasites officinalis


Name: Petasites officinalis Moench.
Harvest: Roots in autumn, leaves and flowers in spring.
Properties: Sedative, astringent, vulnerary, diuretic.
Family: Composite.
Common names: Darda, lampazzo, tegna grass, cypress flowers, cavolaccio.

Butterbur - Petasites officinalis: Property

Habitat: In moist soils up to 1500 meters.
Parts used: Roots, flowers and leaves.
Conservation: The leaves and flowers are used fresh, the roots are dried in the sun and are kept in well-closed jars.
Use: Decoctions of the roots and infusions and syrups of flowers and fruits for internal use.
Notes: The application of the fresh leaves of this perennial plant is useful against skin inflammation.