Centaurea minor - Centaurium erythraea


Name: Centaurium erythraea Pers.
Harvest: In the months of July and August.
Properties: The flower, if dry, is digestive, antifebrile, choleretic and purifying; if fresh, on the other hand, it is an effective disinfectant.
Family: Gentianacee.
Common names: Fiele of the earth, fever grass, small centaur, bindella, cinchona, granella, cacciafebbre, bunch from prà.

Centaurea minor - Centaurium erythraea: Property

Habitat: In hilly and mountainous areas below 1500 meters of altitude.
Parts used: Flowers.
Storage: Once dried for a couple of weeks in a dry and dark environment, they are kept in jars or canvas containers.
Use: Exterior: application on fresh flowers wounds; inside: tinctures, infusions and decoctions.
Note: The use of centaurea drinks is not recommended for those suffering from gastritis.