Mediterranean Finocchiella - Seseli tortuosum


Name: Seseli tortuosum L,
Harvest: The fruits in autumn, the other parts between June and August.
Properties: Carminative, stomatal, tonic,
Family: Umbelliferae.
Common names: Erba de la pittitu, spaccasassi, kisses, rhythm, St. Peter's grass, fenoiu di mare.

Finocchiella mediterranea - Seseli tortuosum: Property

Habitat: Arid soils of marine areas.
Parts used: Flowers, fruits and leaves and stem.
Conservation: The fruits, once dried in the sun, are kept in glass jars, while the other parts must be used as soon as they are harvested.
Use: Infusions and tinctures of fruits and flower juice, for internal use.
Notes: The leaves of this perennial plant are very rich in vitamin C and are used in the preparation of sauces, soups and salads.