Levistico - Levisticum officinalis


Name: Levisticum officinalis Koch.
Harvest: Fruits and roots in autumn, leaves between April and June.
Properties: Diuretic, antiseptic, carminative, tonic and digestive.
Family: Umbelliferae.
Common names: mountain celery, ligustio, mountain appio, sistra.
Habitat: It grows in the Alpine and Apennine areas up to 1500 meters.

Levistico - Levisticum officinalis: Property

Parts used: Fruits, leaves and roots.
Conservation: The roots must be dried in the sun and then stored in paper bags, the leaves must be used fresh and the fruits, once dried in the sun, collect in jars.
Use: Infusions and decoctions of fruits and leaves for internal use; decoctions of the roots and leaf packs for external use.
Notes: The leaves of this perennial plant have an aroma similar to that of celery: they are then used to flavor salads, omelettes and soups.