Altea - Althea officinalis


Name: Althaea officinalis
Family: Malvaceous
Common names: bismalva, bonavise, wild hemp, malvaria, hollyhocks, malvaveste pramariscu.
Habitat: loves cool and humid areas
Parts used: roots, leaves, flowers

Altea - Althea officinalis: Cultivation of Altea

Harvest: for the leaves to harvest before flowering in June, the roots are harvested in the second year of life of the plant, while the flowers at the beginning of flowering.
Storage: let the leaves and fruits dry in the shade in a dry place, the roots are well cleaned and cut into pieces and dried in the oven at moderate temperatures.
Properties: anticatarrali, decongestants, emollients.
Use: internal with decoctions and infusions for gargling etc. Syrup is widely used as a cough suppressant.
Notes: very effective as a decongestant, prepare infusions and packs for very delicate and reddened skin.