Garlic - Allium sativum


Name: Allium sativum
Family: liliaceae
Common names: ai, ajo, ajun, aggiu, agliazzu, allu, hudor, scorbo.
Habitat: it is only cultivated
Parts used: the bulbs

Garlic - Allium sativum: Garlic cultivation

Harvest: April May - July August
Storage: hang the bulbs and dry them in a dry and well-ventilated place
Properties: antiseptic, cholagogue, choleretic, expectorant, hypotensive, stimulant, tonic, vermifuge.
Internal use. infusion, decoction, fluid extract, tincture. Exterior: apply on corns and corns protecting the surrounding parts.
Notes: Widely used in cooking, excellent flavoring.
There are many varieties of wild garlic, the drying methods are the same, the properties and uses are the same. Attention to the recognition of these varieties.
Properties: 88 calories per 100 gr
Vitamins contained in 100gr B1 = 0.14mg, B2 = 0.02mg, C = 5mg
Mineral salts Phosphorus = 63 mg, Calcium = 14 mg, Iron = 1.5 mg