Blessed grass, caryophyllate, Garofanaia - Geum urbanum


Name: Geum urbanum L.
Harvest: The leaves in the warmer months, while the roots in spring.
Properties: Leaves: refreshing; Root: antidiarrheal, aperitif, purifying and astringent.
Family: Rosaceae.
Common names: Blessed grass, eyeshadow, St. Benedict's grass, ambretta, garofanada.

Blessed grass, caryophyllate, Garofanaia - Geum urbanum: Property

Habitat: From the plain to the first mountain slopes. It does not tolerate dry and dry climates.
Parts used: Leaves and roots.
Conservation: Both the leaves and the roots are dried in the sun and then stored in ventilated containers.
Use: Decoctions and vinous tinctures.
Notes: This perennial pint is recognized by the smell similar to that of cloves.