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Question: Lemon tree

Hi I wanted to ask you for advice!
My lemon tree, which I have had for over two years
I usually keep it in the greenhouse during the winter.
But this year he put it at home and with the fruits hanging
green flowers still made.
But is it normal?

Lemon plant: Answer: Lemon tree

Dear Marco,
We thank you for contacting us about the questions about the Lemons, through the book of the Expert of.
Lemons, like all citrus fruits in general, are very demanding in terms of setting. The lemon is a plant that can grow noticeably in height, if grown in the ground, and is equipped with a smooth dark brown bark and untidy roundish foliage. The tree has branches with small spines, leathery oblong leaves, pointed and slightly serrated at the edges, and from the end of March, beginning of April, it offers extremely fragrant white flowers with five lobes.
The fruit, called esperidio, has a globular-ovoid shape that is composed of several layers. The epicarp or flavedo is the rind rich in essential oils and aromatic alcohols. The mesocarp or albedo is the white middle layer. The endocarp is the pulp divided into sectors, segments, in which there are juice and seeds. It is a re-flowering plant.
The plant has a low tolerance limit for low temperatures,
lighting that must be excellent throughout the day, while the humidity of the soil must be modest in winter and good in spring and summer.
Care must be taken that there is then an adequate draining of the frequent rains in spring, while it requires frequent watering in the warm months, without creating water stagnations.
Fertilization is very important, given that the plant has a strong demand for nutrients to support the development of leaves, shoots and fruits.
Pruning is performed in the summer and must be done according to the production of the fruits that are generated in 1-year branches, so the shoots that have already been produced and the dried ones must be eliminated.
In this period there can be situations of contemporary presence of fruits and flowers. The fruits should be left on the plant until they are ripe and ready for harvest.
Yours sincerely.