Midges in the ground

Question: Midges in the ground

I have a diffembachia for a year and a half and since September I have noticed that from the ground some muskers come out. The plant is apparently fine, but this problem continues to increase and I have the house full of these annoying insects. I would like to know what to do. I await your response and thank you in advance ...

Midges in the ground: Answer: Midges in the ground

Dear Mrs. Antonella,
Thank you for contacting us regarding the problem affecting your plants.
The flies are insects belonging to the family of Diptera that only marginally cause direct damage on the plants, they are nonetheless an indication of fermentation and degradation of the substrate mainly due to excessive soil moisture.
However, these insects can be confused with other similar types of Aleurodidae also called "white flies" of greater dimensions and are fixed on the leaves, or to Metcalfa, next to a white-grayish butterfly in the adult form that sucks the sap like the previous ones from the leaves and stems some plants.
Remaining on the subject of his assessment of gnats, we recommend a repotting of his Dieffenbachia, with elimination of the roots and rotting soil.
We also advise you to inspect the drainage of the vessel, and introduce a new substrate.
Watering in winter must then be very contained: only moisten the soil.