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Hi, I'm a garden lover. Having planted an avocado tree in my garden that flowers but does not bear fruit, I would like more information on the cultivation of this plant. I thank you in advance for the information you send me and wish you a happy Easter.
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Avocado: Answer: avocado

in Italy the avocado plant, very common in tropical and sub-tropical areas, can be cultivated in the southern regions. this is why if I write to you from the north of Italy it is good to repair it during the winter period. in any case if the plant is young it is good to protect it from the cold even in the southern regions.
the avocado prefers fertile and well-drained soils. during the spring-summer period it must be fertilized and irrigated abundantly.
The pruning is very important for obtaining a good flowering. the supporting branches must be very robust. so in the early years one must intervene with vigorous pruning, so as to create four five main branches from which the secondary branches will then spread, which will flourish and bear fruit.
the fruits are harvested when they are ripe.
additional answer given by Mr. Giuseppe di Martino
the most resistant varieties of avocado can be grown with good results in the coastal areas of southern Italy and even in the Ligurian Riviera. often fruit production is unsatisfactory or null and the complex floral biology of the avocado is almost always the cause of this inconvenience. summing up it can be said that during flowering, in almost all plants, each flower follows an alternating rhythm of opening and closing of the corollas during a day and the pollen is not mature when the gynaeceum is receptive and vice versa. the avocado breeds have been divided into two large groups (a and b) whose pollen ripening is staggered. to obtain an abundant fruiting, in addition to the normal cultivation treatments, this characteristic must be respected by coupling two or more plants belonging to the two different groups to allow mutual pollination. this can only be obtained by resorting to plants of known varieties obtained by grafting.