Question: Parietaria

Hi, my name is Marina and I write from Ferrara. Soon I will have to set up a personal garden. Being I allergic to grasses, and in particular to the paretaria, there are flowers, or plants that I must avoid. paretaria that I do not know except at the level of sneezing. Greetings Marina.

Parietaria: Answer: Parietaria

Cara Marina,
I am sorry to disappoint you, but the Parietaria is not a grass, but belongs to the Urticaceae family. The species of ornamental grass, hay and some species of uncultivated areas belong to the grasses. If the allergy is to grasses, in the design and construction of the personal garden, avoid large and articulated areas of turf where
non-constant maintenance easily leads to flowering the essences that compose it and weeds. Check that the allergy is not due to grasses and also to Parietaria.