Passiflora plant recognition

Question: What plant is it? (passiflora caerulea)

Last year, in a vase I saw that a small plant was growing, with time I realized that it was a creeper and so I brought it closer to a balcony wall, in winter it didn't lose its leaves and today it blossomed this strange flower that I had never seen, the plant is full of buds ... but which creeper is it?
I enclose the photo
Thanks Nadia

Passion flower plant recognition: Answer: What plant is it? (passiflora caerulea)

Dear Nadia,
the plant in question is a passiflora caerulea (also called Fruit of the Passion, because the "styles" - that is, the most prominent female part of the flower - would remember the nails of the cross of Christ). It is a plant that resists cold enough and can be placed in full sun or partial shade. It requires abundant watering during the summer.