A hornbeam in Sicily

Question: Hornbeam can live in Sicily

Do you think the hornbeam could be planted in Sicily, along the coast?
Thanks for the reply.

A hornbeam in Sicily: Answer: The hornbeam can live in Sicily

Cara Ioletta, the distribution area of ​​the black hornbeam Ostrya carpinifolia (the white hornbeam is outside the area) also includes Sicily and therefore I do not see any contraindication. It is not very demanding in terms of soil even if it prefers calcareous, rich and fresh soils (even if it has a good result even in superficial soils).
Your letter does not show how far from the coast it should be planted. I remember that it must be at least 300 m from the sea in an area of ​​freshwater and not brackish water (it certainly would not resist) and far from the same salty winds.
Following these steps, it is a plant that can thrive and give satisfaction.