Pots on the balcony

Question: Pots on the balcony

I have a very sunny balcony and I put some cassettes with purslane, which however go down and are a bit flat. In each box I left room for another plant, obviously growing tall but small. What can I plant? Thanks Laura

Pots on the balcony: Answer: Pots on the balcony

Dear Laura,
Thank you for contacting us about the questions on your balcony, via the Expert's address book.
As for the choice of plants to add to the balcony, it would be advisable to know if this, in addition to being very sunny, is exposed to wind and weather. Furthermore, the choice of a plant depends very much on personal taste.
However, we recommend some plants that tolerate direct sunlight well and are suitable for the balcony:
- Glass flowers (Impatiens walleriana), with bright pink or red flowers;
- Dimorfoteca, with flowers ranging from apricot to salmon pink, lemon yellow and white;
- Gazania, also in orange and yellow colors;
- Calancola, with flowers of all colors;
- Splendid Sage, with red spiked flowers.