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Aspidistra insects

Question: Insects on the aspidistra

I would like to know how to fight a strange parasite very similar to the cockroaches in a smaller format that has literally eaten all the edges of the leaves. They are present in all hours and it is the first time that such a phenomenon occurs. Waiting for reply greeting.

Aspidistra insects: Answer: Insects on aspidistra

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The Aspidistra belongs to the Liliaceae family, they are easy-to-grow evergreen plants as they withstand varying house temperatures as well as smoke from fireplaces and tobacco. The flowers, fleshy with an opaque purple color, bloom in August even if they rarely bloom in the apartments.
From the description of the parasite similar to cockroach and from research carried out it could be lepidoptera or beetle defoliators. The damage caused by the parasites is borne by the leaves by adults. You should intervene immediately with a specific product
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