Azalea without buds

Question: Azalea that does not germinate

I have an azalea on the balcony that is still a dry branch (but it is not dry last year it did the same thing) since in May what can it be that makes it struggle to germinate?
Thanks, Paola

Azalea without sprouts: Answer: Azalea that does not sprout Mrs. Paola,
Thank you for contacting us about the various problems on your plant through the Expert's address book.
Based on the description given of the Azalea in your possession, the pathological picture of suffering is attributable to a typical defect in maintaining acidity in the soil.
Especially when a specific substrate for acidophiles is not used, the degradation of the optimal habitat for azaleas can easily occur due to the hard or calcareous waters used for watering.
Flowering may be incomplete or completely absent and the flowers, when present, tend to rapidly degenerate; in the most serious cases, after some time, the plant will completely perish.
The only system besides that of using rainwater, is to annually renew the substrate with products of proven specificity for acidophilic, and above all to make fertilizers with physiologically acid fertilizers so as not to frustrate the whole.
With best regards