Yellowed Hibiscus

Question: Hibiscus with yellow leaves

I have a hibiscus on the terrace. Until a few weeks ago it was a beautiful green plant and had started to bloom. Now one by one all the leaves are turning yellow.
What can I do?

Yellowed Hibiscus: Answer: Hibiscus with yellow leaves

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The Hibiscus is a plant belonging to the Malvacee family that includes over 300 species. It is a sub tropical plant with a shrubby, perennial habit, characterized by having exotic funnel-shaped flowers of bright colors, but of short duration.
It requires bright environments but not direct light; temperatures of 18-21 ° C; plenty of water in the summer without creating puddles; regular fertilizations with liquid formulations and annual repottings made in spring, using soils for flowering plants.
The Hibiscus should be pruned in spring by cutting and half-twisting the branches, making the cut at the insertion of a leaf. In this way it favors the regrowth of the buds that will bring new flowers. The most suitable period is March.
The fact that its plant has yellow leaves may be due to an environmental imbalance due to various causes: poor atmospheric humidity, poor brightness and nutritional imbalance.