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Question: Echinocactus

Goodmorning everyone.
I have a problem with my echinocactus, which has had rot stains on one side of the plant for about 1 week.
I state that I haven't been bathing in it for at least a month, and the watering is always modest.
The plant lives at home in front of a window and lives constantly at a temperature of 19/20 degrees.
What can I do to try to save her?

Echinocactus: Answer: Echinocactus

Dear Maria Teresa,
Thank you for contacting us for information on your succulent plant via the Expert's address book.
Echinocactus is a genus of 10 species of perennial greenhouse plants. These are globose or cylindrical cactaceae, slow growing, which, in the spontaneous state, can reach a diameter of 90 cm. During the period of rest, from October to March, they are not watered and kept at a minimum temperature of 5 ° C, repotted every year in March.
The description he reported concerning the problem of his succulent plant is quite vague. From the experiences a from the bibliography in possession it could be about rot due to excess water since in the rest period, as mentioned before, it should not be watered. From the above it can be assumed that the stain is not of the cryptogamic type since there is no presence of "powdery fruiting". Given these situations, it could be assumed that the problem is caused by cold burns if the plant was in a position subject to cold air currents.
With best regards