Magnolia pruning

Question: Pruning magnolia

I would like information on how and when to prune the plant in question.
It is about 2.5 meters high.
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Pruning magnolia: Answer: Pruning magnolia

Egr. Mr. Cristiano,
We thank you for contacting us regarding the questions about the pruning of your Magnolia, through the book of the Expert of.
The Magnolias belong to the Magnoliacee family which includes over 80 species of plants with deciduous or evergreen leaves with a high ornamental effect due to both leaves and flowering. The Magnolia soulengiana derives from the cross between M. denudata and M. liliflora, with deciduous, lanceolate leaves, slightly tormenting on the lower side. The flowers, white with shades of purple pink, bloom in April, before the appearance of the leaves.
Magnolias from outside have a generally slow growth, prefer sheltered areas, draining soil and are intolerant to calcareous soils. Ferric chlorosis suffers greatly, therefore it requires periodic spring intake of iron chelates.
With regard to pruning it must be pointed out that these plants are cultivated above all for aesthetic purposes, therefore slight cuts must be made at the apices which, besides giving the desired shape, also serve to stimulate the formation of leaves also in the center of the crown. However, the Magnolia also bears drastic cuts, usually made in spring to renew and stimulate the formation of new branches.
On pruning cuts it is advisable to cover the wounds with healing pastes in order to promote rapid healing and protect the cut from accidental transmissions of fungal parasites.