Question: Bambù

Some bamboo plants planted in my garden, have created such a vegetation that it is no longer possible to control, I would like to know if there is a method to let the roots die.
Thanks for your help.
Angelo Ferrarini

Bambu: Answer: Bambù

Dear Angelo,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your problem with the plant
of bamboo, through the book of the Expert of
The BAMBOO plant belongs to the BAMBUSA family which includes numerous species (over 600), some cultivated for ornamental purposes. The plant is characterized by a stem typical of graminaceous plants (such as wheat, corn and rice), with various colors, composed of cylindrical and internode nodes (cables) from which the shoots and leaves originate.
Plants can reach various heights, from 1.5 meters of dwarf varieties to over 20-30 of giant varieties. The leaves are lanceolate, with an intense green color. The roots are underground, rhizomes, with a wide ability to spread in the direction of moisture sources.
If you want to keep an area of ​​your garden with some more plants, we suggest you try to create wetlands in the opposite direction to the "invasion", cut the rhizomes and water the part of the garden dedicated to this plant. In the most drastic case one can resort to the use of localized graminicides (let us remember that it is a plant
graminacea resistant like wheatgrass) but they do not negatively affect the grassy cork. In case you want to do a TOTAL weeding (it would also dry the lawn)
we recommend the glyphosate.
Yours sincerely.