Dwarf pine

Question: Dwarf pine

I bought about a month ago two "pinus mugo" conifers I haven't had time to plant them yet but am I noticing that the needles are turning yellow as far as the eye can see? What can it depend on ?????

Dwarf pine: Answer: Dwarf pine

Dear Mauro,
We thank you for contacting us about the question on the pinus mugo through the "" expert's column.
Pinus mugo belongs to the botanical class of conifers, originating in central and southeastern Europe. Species with variable habit, generally large shrub and irregular shape. The needle-like leaves are gathered in pairs; the cones, ovoid, globose, 5 cm long, are brown.
This type of plant can be defined as rustic with respect to the soil because thanks to their great radical efficiency it can also develop on rocky and poor soils while it does not tolerate heavy and very humid soils. Fertilization, for this type of plant, is wrongly considered not essential, therefore there are frequent situations of nutritional deficiencies, especially if the soils are alkaline and tenacious.
Regarding the yellowing of the needles of your plants is certainly to be attributed to a suffering due to the non-transplant, the roots will no longer find the nutrients for the plant's sustenance, therefore we recommend transplanting them in the shortest time possible, the best time. to transplant the Pines is autumn and spring.
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