Question: caper

I have some caper seeds how can I make them germinate?
About two months ago, I bought a floribunda stephanotis, it doesn't look good anymore, it didn't even put new gems! what can you do to not lose it?
Anna Maria

Caper: Answer: caper

Dear Annamaria,
We thank you for having contacted us again about the germination of the caper and the problems of your Stephanotis through the "" Expert section.
The Stephanotis or jasmine from Madagascar, well known for its waxy and fragrant white bell-shaped flowers that bloom between May and October, with oblong, curious, dark green oval leaves. It is a plant not easy to cultivate, it requires abundant light and accurate wetting, especially in winter, when excess water can be fatal to it. At home, it can be made to climb on a rod or around a bow and it will grow well near a large and bright window.
The problem that your plant presents may be due to environmental stresses that could have been had if the optimal conditions just described were not followed, therefore we advise you to place the plant in a sunny place if possible also outside, but having the foresight. to choose a place where in summer you can't beat the sun in the hottest hours. Also important are the waterings that in the summer must be done 2 - 3 times a week while in winter only once and with warm water.
Yours sincerely.